Repetition to Mastery – ‘An ocean in between the waves’

Unfortunately, since first posting this tune, youtube has taken it down on 2 different occasions from 2 different platforms (the Amsterdam 2017 version which is unbelievably good). In the meantime I’ve posted the version below which is really good although doesn’t catch the spirit of the former.

So what makes us speak a language well. And understand it well for that matter. Could it have something to do with the fact that we have been repeating the same or similar words and phrases over and over again for the best part of ‘x’ years of our lives? And hearing them too? Of course it could. Actually, it’s for that very reason.

What makes people masters of what they do is a particular source of curiosity for me. What drives individuals to be the best they can be. Making a coffee, painting a ceiling, running a Fortune 500 company, art, sport, you name it.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine with similar curiosity sent me a concert of a band I had never heard of before. I listened until 29 minutes in and then got pleasantly stuck. From minute 20.30 to 29, something strange happened. I couldn’t go any further. I kept going back listening to the same piece over and over. To that magic space where you know you’ve seen, read, felt or heard something that’s just right. I looked for other examples of the same piece. Found many of them. Good.. yes. But this good… no. All those times playing the same piece..again and again.. and on a November’s night in Amsterdam it all came together. And the music was made.