Learning a language is difficult at the best and worst of times. It requires motivation, patience, dedication, perseverance, diligence and a good dose of humility.

I’ve been living and teaching in Italy for many years, in the town of Cisterna di Latina which is located 50km south of Rome. I’ve taught all ages and all profiles which has made what I do an incredibly enriching experience.

I consider myself lucky to have done my teacher training at the Applied Language Centre in University College Dublin, under the guidance of the excellent Mary Slattery. I had the fortune to be grounded and instructed in the principles of Task-Based Learning which has been the primary driver for my constant interest in the English language from a didactic L2 perspective.

I speak from the position of both language teacher and language learner. I am a student of Italian and as a result understand perfectly well the difficulties encountered in 2nd language learning. The stresses and strains, the highs and lows and above all else the ambition to be as natural and precise as one possibly can.

I went out on my own after becoming frustrated with what I saw as the industrialisation of English as a second language. A product beautifully presented, brilliantly marketed but an experience which is rarely learner-centered and as a consequence often lacking in results.

The objective of the blog is to give the learner an insight into the real-life use and workings of the language, through video, audio, articles and media in general.

So far I have to say I’m happy with the results obtained, both in terms of student objectives and personal goals. However, I’m always of the opinion that something can be improved upon; this goes for student and teacher too!