Floppy Disk

I graduated from university in 1999. I distinctly remember how I used to use the university computer labs in order to finish assignment work. I remember using computers at the time for word processing primarily and I started sending emails which was a relatively new way of communicating quickly with others. Portable computers and mobile phone were still quite rare. At that time all my documents were stored on floppy disk.

I bought my first PC in early 1998.
I resisted buying a mobile phone until the year 2000 as I didn’t like the idea of being contacted while on the move.
I bought a digital camera in 2005 with a memory card of 256 mb which was actually quite big at the time.
I remember using internet caf├Ęs from 2000-2005 until the idea of 24/7 home internet took hold.
I got my first flat internet connection in late 2006.
I resisted the modern smartphone phenomenon
until 2012.
My children don’t know what a floppy disk is.

Time flies, doesn’t it!