DeConstruction – ReConstruction



Happy New Year!

The theme I’ve been pushing with students over the past 6 months has been the idea of deconstruction and reconstruction with regard to comprehension ability and improvements in understanding across the vast number of accents that are to be found in the English language. The same theme could also be extended┬áto perceptions governing definitions of correct and acceptable 2nd language use in general. How good is our English? Are breakdowns in communication our fault? If the problem is comprehension, what steps can we take to improve that area? How can course design help learners overcome limitations?

The video below deals with design and how the person speaking interprets the design process. The ideas are interesting, yet what really stimulated my interest was the fact that the word ‘design’ could have been substituted with ‘language’ and the concept would have been quite similar in terms of course design. I’ll leave that to you to work out.

The speaker is Ayse Birsel, a Turkish woman with an excellent command of English, although she does seem to have some difficulties with the pronunciation of ‘digital.’ Does that mean her English is bad? Or does it mean that there is no such thing as ‘perfect.’ ­čśë

The following are some excerpts from the dialogue which are useful considerations in relation to 2nd language learning and course design in particular.

how things come to us,
breaking preconceptions, we are full of preconceptions,
shifting our perspective or points of view,
creating new value, 1+1 = 3,
moving towards a creative economy,
user centered to human centered,
doing good and doing well,
serving a purpose,
deconstruction, reconstruction, DeRe,
creative process, design logic, pragmatism,
communication supported by problem solving,

create value within constraints,
imagination, how do you use inspiration?
How do you think outside the box?
a thinking tool,
dichotomous, dichotomy,
left brain – right brain, creative – pragmatist,
3 dimensional in 2 mediums,
tactile as well as digital,
they will elevate my thinking, we will influence each other,

Ayse Birsel: Deconstruction & Reconstruction from MFA Products of Design on Vimeo.