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Hello again,

I was finally able to find a version of this video which would play outside the U.S.

The video is a reflection on technology overuse nowadays, which is ironic given that I’m using technology as a means of helping your English evolve. The speakers are using American English. They are speaking quite frenetically (much more than you would usually find) and the conversation is quite dis-jointed for comic effect. It’s a good example of when people speak too quickly, which causes problems with comprehension.

Some language analysis for you to consider at different points of the clip can be seen under the video.

0.12 – ‘ one more text ‘  – meaning sms

0.14 – ‘I gotta watch these movies and I gotta return emHave to and have got to meaning something similar to Must and ‘em‘ referring to them. The object pronoun is sometimes contracted in English to give more fluidity to a sentence e.g. ‘I can see ‘im (him)’ / I can see ‘er (her)

1.18 – ‘Okay…what / should / we / do?’ – Question formation; should spoken very quickly.

1.31 – ‘Hey ..have you ever wondered…? – meaning – think about something to know more about it.

If you have other questions, either lexical or grammatical, simply comment on the clip.


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