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Hi again,

I hadn’t planned on posting so soon but recent feedback from a student informed me that the technology loop video below is no longer available outside the US. It’s probably because it’s part of a new TV series they are doing in America called Portlandia, and they don’t want European viewers getting it before time. I asked a friend of mine living in London to check if it was working in the UK and the answer was “no.”  I looked into the series a little more and it seems to be one of the few occasions where british style humour has travelled from the UK to the US and not vice-versa, as is usually the case. ‘English’ TV is largely influenced by its American counterpart. One of the features of British humour is its sense of the ironic and absurd, which sometimes borders on the surreal and is often presented in sketch format. American audiences generally don’t go for this type of humour; until now that is. Hopefully with the success of the series, more clips of the video will go online and I’ll be able to update it again; preferably before the series is exported to Europe in its dubbed version.


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